Pembrokeshire Embroidered Cushion
Flavours of Fields Lodge

Pembrokeshire Embroidered Cushion

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You may wonder why we are selling cushions with Puffins on, as opposed to Seagulls, or ay other bird for that matter!

We are only a short drive away from Skomer Island, one of the biggest populations of Puffins in the world.

These birds bring joy to anyone who visits them, and I challenge you not to feel magical when you visit them in person.

For every cushion sold, we will give 5% to our local charity, WTSWW who support Skomer Island and the Puffins

And if you are yet to visit Skomer Island and the Puffins, allow yourself to feel a little bit of joy when you look at this cushion on your sofa, knowing you have helped these cheeky chappies and think of the day when you will get to see them yourself!

Made locally by hand, with a lovely embroidered Puffin on the front and a plain back, beautifully padded with a feather insert

A truly luxury cushion to bring a smile to your face any day!

Size 34cmx 34cm