Guest Toiletries Bundle
Guest Toiletries Bundle
Flavours of Fields Lodge

Guest Toiletries Bundle

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Contains our Bespoke Lemongrass Organic aromatherapy guest toiletries

Why these toiletries, you might ask yourself?

We wanted to firstly support a local business and buy locally made products, but more than that, we wanted to follow through our ethos of ‘good for you food’, by also making sure that what we give you to put on your skin, is good for you too.

You skin is your body’s largest organ and is a super highway directly into your blood stream, so you don’t want too be putting nasty chemicals on it.

 So we wanted the best pure, organic, aromatherapy toiletries we could find for you, and hey presto-here they are!

There is no one more passionate than Andrew & Dawn, who make and supply our toiletries, and all you need to start your day off in the right way, is a shower with our Lemongrass refresher.

Wowee, the smell is fantastic…you’ll find it doesn’t lather much, because, guess what, it’s nasty chemicals that usually create that lather, so we’d rather leave them out!

Guest Gift Set Includes:

  • 2 Shampoo & Body wash 25ml
  • 1 light body Lotion 25ml
  • 1 Welsh dragon soap
  • Organza bag