Pembrokeshire 'I'd rather..' Mugs
Pembrokeshire 'I'd rather..' Mugs
Flavours of Fields Lodge

Pembrokeshire 'I'd rather..' Mugs

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I am really fussy about what I drink out of. It has to be the right glass for the beverage and it has to be fine china for tea-ideally a dainty cup from the 1950s with a saucer.

The trouble with those, these days, are there’s never enough in one cup!

So, when I’m working, I like to drink out of a china mug, giving me plenty of liquid to keep m going.

So, when it came to deciding what mugs to have in the B&B for our guests, there was only one choice

A fine bone china mug with some inspirational quotes on them

I think it’s so important to think good things every day, and something that will bring a positive thought into your head every time you have a cup of tea/coffee must be a good thing

We have mugs with I’d Rather be in Pembrokeshire or I’d Rather be staying at Fields Lodge, either will transport you right back to your holiday, or help you dream of your next one