Your Morning Cuppa Gift Box - Tea
Flavours of Fields Lodge

Your Morning Cuppa Gift Box - Tea

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Treat yourself (or ideal as a gift) to a great start to the day

Have fond memories of your time in Pembrokeshire whilst you sip your morning Cuppa

Your Tea and mug will bring you memories of Fields Lodge or Pembrokeshire

It’s a great start to every day!

Our Tea

Over the last 10 years of running Fields Lodge Boutique Bed & Breakfast, we have sampled and taste tested oodles of tea!

And after serving literally thousands of guests over that time, I see that people fall into one of three camps:

They’re either in the TEA CAMP, the COFFEE camp, or a bit of both!

We taste tested over 50 finely selected blends of tea and then arrived at our desire for our bespoke tea blend which is lovingly curated for us by Chantler Teas, just a few miles away from us here.

It’s the better quality, large leaf tea leaves, so gives a deeper, more body tea and is altogether just a more decadent experience than whacking a tea bag in a cup.

Start your day with a ceremony, get it off to a good start with this gorgeous blend, and think of bright sunny mornings in Pembrokeshire and just imagine all that glorious fresh sea air.

And, although it’s called a ‘Breakfast Blend’, it’s not just for breakfast, it’s perfect for afternoon too!