Your Morning Cuppa Gift Set - Coffee
Flavours of Fields Lodge

Your Morning Cuppa Gift Set - Coffee

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Treat yourself (or ideal as a gift) to a great start to the day

Have fond memories of your time in Pembrokeshire whilst you sip your morning Cuppa

Your Coffee and mug will bring you memories of Fields Lodge or Pembrokeshire

It’s a great start to every day!

About our Coffee

Roasted to the perfect taste and ground freshly for you, our Morning Kenyan Blend, created for us by Pembrokeshire based Capital Roasters, only a few miles away mean that you have the freshest tasting coffee we can give you—no nasty packet that’s been sitting in a supermarket warehouse for months!

It’s a general grind, so is perfect for use in cafetieres, perculators or stove top Espresso makers.

Get your day off to a great start with our morning Kenyan Blend.

Phil, who roasts and grinds our coffee is a stickler for a perfect blend and he ensures we are pleasing coffee lovers from all over the world with our fabulous offering.

Take a taste of Fields Lodge with you, and just imagine the rolling fields behind the B&B when you take in the aroma!